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Re-Roof FAQ

Re-roofing is the process of removing the existing roofing material down to the wood sheathing on your home. By code, any wood that is rotted will be replaced, a new waterproofing membrane will be installed, and the new layer of shingles, tile or metal will rest on top to complete the roofing system.

Yes. We can place a layer of shingles shingle over your existing shingle roof. However, by code, we can’t lay down new shingles if your roof already has two layers of shingles. This is because it makes it difficult to ensure whether the water barrier underneath is compromised. If you are interested in re-roofing services in Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, & Naples, contact Roman Roofing today.

Yes! Shingle Over is when new roofing is layered atop an existing roof. Roof replacement is when your existing roof is completely ripped out and replaced with new roofing material.

Our roof replacements can take as little as a day or as long as a week. It all depends on a variety of factors including, but not limited to material delivery, weather, accessibility, and size of your roof.

Many signs can signal that your roof needs replacing. These signs include sagging, curling or missing shingles, mold or rot, visible damage, and broken or cracked tiles. Replacing your roof can actually be cost-effective for homeowners. Instead of dealing with constant repairs that never end, a new roof can erase your headaches and last upwards of 25 years.

Roman Roofing Warranty FAQs

Absolutely! In most cases we can do it for you, but depending on your roofing system there may be more information needed or other entities to involve.

The easiest way to file a warranty claim is to just give us a call. We will send a representative out and they will walk you through the process.

In most cases, we will register your warranty and send you your warranty certificate via email or regular mail. If a special warranty is applied, our administrative professionals will help guide you through the process.

Fear not! Our expert estimators will help explain all warranties offered leaving you in the driver seat to choose the best fit for your needs.