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How to Finance a New Roof in Southwest Florida

Living in a region like southwest Florida, it’s important to ensure your roof is in tip top shape considering the weather here can be unpredictable. When it comes time to make improvements to your roof, or install a new roof, homeowners can feel a bit of sticker shock. Paying for a roof out of pocket these days can be quite the purchase as new roofing systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on many factors such as size, pitch, access, and many other factors.

With that said, there are financing options available to homeowners to help reduce financial stress and uncertainty.

Finance Options for Your Roof


More than 2.6million homeowners have enjoyed the benefits of affordable financing through the GreenSky program. Together with GreenSky we make providing quality products and services affordable as possible.

Roof Financing Made Easy

Through the GreenSky program, we can provide very attractive promotional financing offers. We’ll review your financing options and when you make your selection, a simple and quick application process allows us to complete the financing and move on with what matters most, your project.

How financing can make a great roof project even better:

  • No need to wait – get started right away
  • Fast & easy process
  • Select the best option for you
  • High credit limits to fully fund your project

Homeowners Insurance

A popular option for homeowners in Southwest Florida. This region is very susceptible to hurricanes, hail, wind events, and other inclement weather that can degrade your roof over time or in one single event. For this reason, it’s important to understand your homeowners policy and monitor the condition of your roof before and after a major storm or wind event.

Check your policy

  • Know your deductible
  • Check your coverage
  • Know your rights

Other Roof Financing Options

Home Equity Loans

Home equity loans can be a good choice if insurance can’t cover it, and you want to spend little out of pocket. This option is typically only for those with strong credit and steady income. Essentially, you are using your home as collateral, so make sure you continue to pay the fixed amount or you could lose your home and roof.

Personal Loan

Unlike the home equity option you don’t need to worry about your home being collateral. It’s best practice to research creditors to get the best available interest rates and terms. If you choose to go with an unsecured personal loan there is no collateral used, which means that you will probably have a higher interest rate.

Credit Cards

Probably not the best route for financing tens of thousands of dollars, but you’d be surprised how many people pay us with credit cards. If you are up to date on your finances and want some major points this is a realistic option for paying for roof repairs and in some cases the whole roofing system.

Why Finance With Roman Roofing?

Whether you choose to pay cash, check, credit, rubles, gemstones, bars of gold, IOU’s, etc. Roman Roofing is here to help you with your roofing needs. There are so many payment options out in the market, it can seem like a daunting task to figure out how to complete your roofing project. We make it simple. Set up an appointment and one of our estimators and we will inspect your roof and provide the best financing options for your specific needs.

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